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Head injury

Treating a Serious Head Injury

A severe head injury should always be treated in hospital. Any head injuries can be potentially life threatening and should be prioritised.

A casualty with a serious head injury may also have a neck injury and should be managed with care. The casualty may be suffering from concussion, compression or a fractured skull all of which are serious. You can learn more about each condition on a first aid course but generally if a head injury has occurred you should treat it as follows:

  • Call 999/112 if the casualty has been unconscious, their levels of response are deteriorating of if you think that they may have fractured their skull.
  • Maintain their airway and breathing. (You may need to protect their airway by placing them in the recovery position)
  • A conscious casualty should lie down – you should help them with this. Keep the head neck and body in line.
  • Gently control any bleeding but do not plug an ear if there is bleeding from the ear.
  • Check any other injuries and treat if necessary.
  • You may need to resuscitate and should remember that successful resuscitation that results in paralysis from neck injury is a tragedy, but failing to maintain an adequate airway will result in death.

For more information please book onto one of our first aid courses. 

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