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Cederroth Pilfer Proof - Refills

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Refills designed to go in the Cederroth dispensers.

Cederroth Blood Stopper

code: CEDBS
Cederroth 4-in-1 Bloodstopper

view £4.39Exc VAT

code: CED6444
Cederroth Fabric Plaster Refill

view £4.50Exc VAT
Cederroth Blood Stopper Mini

code: CEDBSM
Cederroth Mini Bloodstopper Bandage

view £2.19Exc VAT
Cederroth Protection Kit

code: PROKIT
Cederroth Protection Kit

view £5.55Exc VAT
Cederroth Triangular Bandage x2 Pack

code: TRIBAN
Cederroth Triangular Bandage x2 Pack

view £2.60Exc VAT

code: CED6036
Cederroth Waterproof Plaster Refill

view £3.70Exc VAT
CEDBR35 6735

code: CEDBR35
Cederroth Wproof Blue Plasters Refill (6735)

view £29.50Exc VAT