Bostock Health Care First aid training courses and supplies

First Aid Kits - Contents of BS Kits to Refil

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code: TRICAL
Triangular Bandage/Sling

view £1.02Exc VAT
Tough Cut Scissors

code: TUFKUT
Tough Cut Scissors

view £2.99Exc VAT
Finger Dressing with Bandage

Small (finger) First Aid Dressing

view £0.46Exc VAT
Safety Pins x 12

code: SAFP12
Safety Pins x 12

view £0.25Exc VAT
Resuscitation Shield in sachet

code: RESUF4
Resuscitation Shield in a Sachet

view £1.99Exc VAT
Non alcohol Wipes

code: NAW10
Non Alcohol Wipes 10

view £1.08Exc VAT

code: FRIP
Microporous Tape

view £0.88Exc VAT
HS First Aid Dressings

code: HSFAD
HSE Dressing

view £0.81Exc VAT
First Aid Kit Security Seals

code: SECTAG
First Aid Kit Security Seal /Tag

view £1.80Exc VAT