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zoll Defibrillator
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Designed for the infrequent user - very simple to use. Voice and visual prompts guide the rescuer through CPR and defibrillation. Uses an easily attached one piece electrode. Please call the office for more details.

  • Supports the entire chain of survival with easy-to-understand audio prompts and visual icons 

  •  Real CPR Help®with instant feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR 

  • Uses off-the-shelf lithium batteries (Duracell 123a)  with up to 5 years battery life 

  • Easy-to-place, one-piece electrode - CPR-D-padz® with a 5 year shelf life 

  • 5 year warranty (7 with warranty card) 

  • Rugged design that resists dust and water (IP55 rating)

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