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Burn Care - Hydrofluoric Acid Burn Care (HF Gel)

HF Gel
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Calcium gluconate gel for the treatment for Hydrofluoric Acid burns. Also known as HF Gel or HF antidote Gel. 

First aid treatment for hydrofluoric acid burns on skin with Calcium Gluconate 2.5%.

Bone damage, deep tissue damage and risk of cardiac arrest can be greatly reduced with the immediate application of C-Gel following a hydrofluoric acid burn. Medical treatment should always be saught.

40g tube compared to standard 25g tube size offered via alternative manufacturers.

Keep Calcium Gluconate Gel nearby whenever you're working with Hydrofluoric Acid.  Calcium Gluconate Gel should be stored in a refrigerator if possible and replaced with a fresh supply of HF Gel just prior to its expiration date. Disposable medical examination gloves should be worn when applying Calcium Gluconate Gel.