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Bioguard Hand and Surface Antiseptic Wipes (100)

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Bioguard Hand and Surface Antiseptic Wipes (100)

Antiseptic Wipes.

The combination of Bioguard Solution impregnated into a non-woven cloth produces one of the safest and fastest acting wet wipes available.

The results of independent laboratory tests have proven that Bioguard product range possess virucidal activity in 30 seconds against coronavirus. 

Can be used as an effective hand disinfectant. The wipes are food safe and non tainting.

Cleans for total protection against 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and spores tested.

Wipes measure 150 x 200mm.

It is effective in killing Swine Fever mrsa, Hep B, tuberculosis HIV, Listeria and E coli.

This price is for online orders only.

Ideal for schools for preventing the spread of COVID Swine Flu and Norovirus. 

Industry-leading research and development, combined with extensive testing ensures that our hand and surface wipes can be effectively used across a whole spectrum of machines and contact surfaces. These WIPES are designed to be used on internal and external machine fascias, steam wands, machine components or
any contact surface surrounding a vending machine to ensure a hygienically safe machine and work environment is maintained.

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a unique product which provides the following significant benefits:

  • Food safe and non tainting — Our wipescontain a food safe and non tainting cleaning and disinfectant agent, making these safe to use on food contact components and surfaces such as machine steam wands, whipper bowls, drips trays, machine nozzles, work surfaces etc.
  • Independently tested — Our wipes have been independently proven by leading UK and European laboratories as being effective against a wide range of bacteria, mycobacterium, viruses and fungi.
  • Environmentally friendly — Proven by independent environmental audits to be non-toxic, biodegradable and non accumulative in the eco system.
  • Safe to use — Can be used on hands as well as contact surfaces eliminating the need for multiple products.
  • Widely used by healthcare professionals — Provide your working environment with the same high levels of hygiene and cleaning as in high risk medical environments.

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