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TraumaFix Dressing 10cm x 18cm - Major Bleed Technology

  • Product Code: TRAU1018
  • Availability: In Stock

  • £3.25 excl. VAT

  • Offers amazing absorption of fluid

  • Vacuum compressed packing

  • Advanced absorbency protection


Quickly stems major bleed injuries, allowing the medic to immediately attend other injuries or monitor vital signs. Highly absorbent non-adherent wound pad. High pressure bandage. Super-fast application, quick-fix fastening. Sterile.

Ambulance dressings have their place but they are not substantial enough to cope with a major trauma bleed, and applying enough pressure with a light conforming bandage will be nearly impossible. Multiple major bleeds can be stemmed quickly, allowing the casualty to be moved easily. This dressing is a significant advance in the treatment of trauma injuries. The bandage is secured instantly with a velcro style fastening.

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