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FAQs about First Aid

A list of commonly asked questions about first aid.

What does my employer have to do to comply with first aid at work regulations? 

Your employer is expected to have:

  • completed a first-aid needs assessment;
  • ensured that there is either an appointed person to take charge of first-aid arrangements or, if necessary, there are appropriate numbers of suitably trained first-aiders;
  • ensured there are adequate facilities and a suitable stocked first-aid box;
  • provided you with information about the first-aid arrangements.

Is annual first aid refresher training a mandatory requirement?

No. It is strongly recommended to employers to help qualified first aiders maintain their basic skills and keep up to date with any changes in first-aid procedures. The HSE reduced the initial qualification from 4 to 3 days in 2009 to make the annual refresher more manageable. This course has proved incredibly popular, it gives confidence to first aiders. Companies are finding that it is much easier to retain first aiders when they are sure that they know what to do in an emergency. Have a look at our flow chart for more information.

What first-aid equipment should be provided?

Once an assessment of first-aid needs has been carried out, the findings can be used to decide what first-aid equipment should be provided in the workplace. The minimum requirement is a suitably stocked first-aid box. The assessment may indicate that additional materials and equipment are required such as scissors, adhesive tape, disposable aprons and individually wrapped, moist wipes. They may be put in the first-aid box or stored separately. For help and advice with your assessment please contact the office on 01234 356980

If mains tap water is not readily available for eye irrigation, at least one litre of sterile water or sterile normal saline (0.9%) in sealed, disposable containers should be provided. When the seal has been broken, containers should not be reused. Containers should not be used beyond their expiry date.

How many first-aiders do I need?

The findings of your first-aid needs assessment will help you decide how many first-aiders are required. There are no hard and fast rules on exact numbers of first aiders needed and you will need to take into account all the relevant circumstances of your particular workplace. Please click here for the HSE guidance or call is and ask for some free advice on first aid.

How do I get a replacement Certificate?

Please contact the office on 01234 356980. A replacement first aid certificate costs £5 + VAT but it is free if sent to your new employer. Emailed copies are also free.

Do I need to record incidents requiring the attention of a first-aider?

It is good practice to provide your first-aiders and appointed persons with a book in which to record incidents they attend. The information can help you identify accident trends and possible areas for improvement in the control of health and safety risks. It can be used for reference in future first-aid needs assessments. The record book is not the same as the statutory accident book though the two might be combined. Employers, self-employed people and those in control of premises have a duty to report some accidents and incidents at work under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR).

What information should be recorded?

Useful information to record includes:

  • the date, time and place of the incident;
  • the name and job of the injured or ill person;
  • details of the injury/illness and what first aid was given;
  • details about what happened to the person immediately afterwards (eg went back to work, went home, went to hospital); and
  • the name and signature of the first-aider or person dealing with the incident.

Who is responsible for keeping the records?

It is usually the first-aider or appointed person who looks after the accident book. However, employers have overall responsibility.

Where can I get more help with my First Aid?

We would be delighted to give you free help and advice about all things first aid. Call us on 01234 356980 and ask to speak to Joanna.


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