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Mental Health in the Workplace

 Mental Health Wellbeing in the Workplace


This course is designed in conjunction with "The Mind Map Charity" and aims to identify and help respond to Mental Health problems in the workplace. Learning takes place through seminars, discussion and practical sessions with roleplay. By the end of the course the candidates should have the confidence and the strategies to manage and maintain their own mental wellbeing as well as recognise and respond to signs of mental health difficulties in the workplace.

AM Workshop – 3 Hours – Managing and Maintaining Mental Wellness

  • What is mental health/mental wellbeing?
  • The impact of stress on mental wellbeing
  • Settling the snow – how to achieve mental and emotional wellness
  • How to maintain mental and emotional wellness


PM Workshop – 3 Hours – Responding to Mental Ill Health

  • Overview of the legal framework around mental wellbeing in the workplace
  • Introduction to recognising and understanding common mental health difficulties with a specific focus on Anxiety and Depression
  • Discussing your mental health difficulties in the workplace
  • How to respond to mental health difficulties in the workplace


Course devised in conjunction with The Mind Map Charity ©


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