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This first aid at work course complies with the HSE 1981 "First aid at work" legislation for a first aider in the workplace. Each course is adjusted to suit the needs of the students.

The HSE First Aid at Work course is a 3-day course (at least 18 classroom hours plus extra independent learning hours). A short oral test will take place during the last session of the first aid course. The tutor will also assess the student as the coure progresses. A first aid certificate which is valid for 3 years is awarded to successful students. Each student receives a First Aid manual and course notes. It is acceptable to run the first aid at work course over a longer period not exceeding 10 weeks where each session lasts at least two hours. The candidate should complete two Basic Skills Updates before their 3 year expiry date.

On completion of the first aid at work training, successful candidates should be able to:

  • Understand the role of the first aider including reference to the use of available equipment and the need for recording incidents and actions.
  • Understand the importance of basic hygiene in first-aid procedures.
  • Assess the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency.
  • Administer first aid to a casualty who is unconscious and/or in seizure. Administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Administer first aid to a casualty who is wounded or bleeding and/or in shock. Administer first aid to a casualty who is choking.
  • Provide appropriate first aid for minor injuries.

Additionally they should be competent in:

  • Recognising the presence of major illness and applying general first aid principles in its management.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate the correct first-aid management of:

  • soft tissue injuries;
  • injuries to bones including suspected spinal injuries;
  • chest injuries;
  • burns and scalds;
  • eye injuries including how to irrigate an eye;
  • sudden poisoning and anaphylactic shock.

Students wishing to remain valid first aiders must receive refresher first aid at work training after 3 years.

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