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How to Treat a Seizure

How to treat seizures / Epilepsy

Posted by Jo O'Donovan   |   5 Nov

How to Treat a Seizure

Seizures can occur for many different reasons; however, they are caused by a sudden, temporary burst of excess electrical activity in the brain. This interrupts the brain’s normal processes.

There are various types of seizure such as:

Focal or absence seizures – they can appear as daydreaming and may last for just a few seconds. These types of seizures may be followed by a generalised seizure.

A generalised seizure involves electrical activity in the whole brain so usually the whole body is affected. Witnessing this type of seizure can be frightening but calm prompt action is essential.

During the seizure you should more objects away and gently protect the head with a folded coat or your hands. Note the time and duration of the seizure. Loosen any tight clothing around the neck. Call 999/112 for emergency help if the seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, they have a second seizure, they become injured or have never had a seizure before


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