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Myths about First Aid


Posted by Jo O'Donovan   |   30 Jun

Myths about First Aid

Myth: Adults should not put plasters on children’s cuts

Truth: There are no rules to say that a responsible adult can’t put plasters on children. In Schools and other organisations, teachers and carers should be aware of any allergies that a child has. If they are allergic to latex then latex plasters should not be used on that child. Importantly, a cut on a child should always be cleaned and covered to prevent infection.

Myth: You should put butter on a burn

Truth: Butter may initially cool a wound but holds onto heat so is not a good treatment. Ideally you should use cold running water on a burn. If water isn’t available, use burn dressings which cool wounds and protect them from infection.

Myth: Place a spoon in the mouth of a casualty having a seizure.

Truth: Although it is possible that a casualty might bite their tongue while having a seizure putting a spoon or other object in their mouth could be very dangerous and cause them to choke. Place something soft under their head and make sure that there are no obstructions nearby that could cause them injury. Continue to monitor the casualty until emergency services arrive – remember DRABC.

Myth: If a casualty is having a heart attack ask them to cough

Truth: Asking them to cough will not be helpful. Check out our article on what to do if you think that you are having a heart attack on your own.


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