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Free Help With Your First Aid Risk Assessment

Worried about complicated legislation? We can give you free help with your risk assessment.

Posted by Jo O'Donovan   |   23 May

Free Help With Your First Aid Risk Assessment

Things to consider when doing your assessment of first aid needs:

People in the workplace can suffer illness or have an accident. It does not matter if this happened at home or in the workplace, once they are there, you as an employer have a duty to make sure that they are treated appropriately. We offer free help with your risk assessment but there are a few things that you need to consider:


  • What kind of hazards are there in the workplace? This could vary from a kettle to a huge commercial oven.
  • Are there any specific hazards (for example acid or forklift trucks)?
  • How many people are employed on the site?
  • Are there any inexperienced workers on site?
  • What accidents and ill health have been reported recently and where did they happen?
  • Do you have workers who travel or wok remotely?
  • Do you have shifts or out of our workers?
  • Is the premises spread out with remote parts of the site?
  • Is your workplace far from the hospital (remember that for every minute someone is not defibrillated, their chance of survival could fall by 10%) and by far we mean more than a 2 minute jog!
  • Do you have any employees on sites occupied by other employers?
  • Have you provided for the times when your first aiders are absent?
  • Do members of public access your site?


There is a lot of information to consider but fear not – we can help! If you are struggling to compile your risk assessment and would like some advice, give us a call or email. There’s no cost and no obligation to purchase anything.


We have some useful documents for you to download here


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