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Treatment of Bleeding


Posted by Jo O'Donovan   |   30 Jul

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Treatment of Bleeding

When treating a bleeding casualty the aim is firstly to prevent blood loss then to prevent the casualty from going into shock and lastly to prevent infection.

Follow these steps to ensure the best treatment:

Sit or Lay

Ensure that the casualty sits or lays down. The choice of sitting or lying depends upon the nature, location and severity of the wound.


Inspect the wound to determine the nature (ie venous, arterial or capillary) Find the exact point of the bleeding and check to see if there is a foreign object in the wound.


Apply direct pressure for 10 minutes. If there is an object embedded in the wound apply pressure either side. Do not attempt to remove any foreign object.


Cover the wound with a sterile dressing. You may be able to do this before applying pressure if the bleeding is not too severe.

ALWAYS wear medical gloves when treating bleeding.

Wound dressings are available on our web site as are gloves

The dressing should be sterile and large enough to cover the wound. It should not stick to the wound, so ideally it should have a low adherant surface. The dressing should be absorbant enough and should not be so tight that it restricts the blood flow to the rest of the limb. Sometimes a simple adhesive dressing or plaster is sufficient.  Remember hygiene is essential when dealing with wounds. As well as wearing gloves you should use specialist cleaning agents and dispose of soiled dressings in yellow clinical waste bags. Wash your hands before and after dealing with the casualty.


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