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Mental Well-Being in the Workplace Training

Mental well-being in the workplace courses at Bostock really do help support mental well-being/mental health

Posted by Jo O'Donovan   |   12 Jun

Mental Well-Being in the Workplace Training

As first aid trainers, we at Bostock know that if you break your arm, you need someone to immobilise it, perhaps put it in a sling and then take you to the hospital to have your arm plastered so that the bone can heal in the right position. Do we know how to deal with someone who is having a mental health crisis? Often our response is just “It’s all in your head” or “Go and lie down or take a walk”. Can you imagine if we said, “It’s all in your arm, just lie down or take a walk”?

Our mental health is part of our physical health, our brains are part of our bodies. We often don’t prioritise our mental well-being in the same way that we prioritise our physical well-being and this can lead to disaster. There are so many scientifically backed practices that can help us build resilience and change the way we think. If we are psychologically healthier, we can face failure and loneliness with tools that can dramatically change our response. A healthy mind knows how to filter out the endless things that we could worry about and avoids thoughts of catastrophe. A healthy mind can be present and engaged with the task in hand and the people around them. A healthy mind knows that not everything needs to be felt at every moment. Understanding the features of a healthy mind can help us understand what can go wrong when we fall ill. Mental illness is ultimately as normal as the flu or a cold. Removing the stigma, preventing shame, and understanding the signs of ill health can help to stop things from going from bad to worse. All workplaces will, at some point experience people with mental ill health and so just like first aid, training in mental well-being is essential.

Our mental well-being in the workplace course gives you and your colleagues the skills to recognise and face mental health challenges yourself and in your colleagues. In 2017, the government commissioned Lord Stevenson to independently review the role employers can play to better support individuals with mental health conditions in the workplace. The Thriving at Work report sets out a framework of actions – called ‘Core Standards’ – and the government recommends employers of all sizes can and should put these core standards in place.

Our Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace Course helps you to comply with the core standards but most importantly, by the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Identify a good mental health practice in your workplace
  • Recognise the main mental health difficulties faced in your workplace
  • Initiate and conduct a well-being conversation in order to help

The course we have created with Liz Fordham, CEO of “Making Me Charity”, encourages workplaces to put things in place to proactively support mental well-being, not just to respond to mental ill-health.

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