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What are the most common causes of accidents at work?

Here is a list and explanation of the most common fatal and non-fatal accidents in the workplace in 2021

Posted by Jo O'Donovan   |   23 May

What are the most common causes of accidents at work?

Most Common Workplace Accidents      


The Health and Safety Executive recently published the statistics for workplace accidents in the UK in 2021. These statistics are divided into fatal and non-fatal injuries. In general, the trend is downward, however there are still a significant number of workplace related accidents. Many of these accidents are preventable. First aiders are trained to help casualties in the event of an accident and an appropriately trained worker can mean the difference between life and death.


The top three causes of fatal accidents in the workplace in 2021 were:


  • Falls from a height 25%
  • Struck by a moving vehicle 20%
  • Struck by a moving object 14%


45% of the fatal injuries to workers over the last five years were restricted to only two types of accident – falls from height or being struck by a moving vehicle. Falling from a height, accounts for 25% of all fatal injuries in the workplace. Over half of these falls happened on construction sites.


Non-fatal injuries have different causes entirely and the top causes in 2021 were:


  • Slips, trips, or falls 33%
  • Injury while moving, handling, or lifting something 18%
  • Struck by moving object 10%
  • Acts of violence 8%
  • Falling from a height 8%


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This information is from the Labour Force Survey which is run by the Office for National Statistics.


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