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Back to University First Aid Kit

Packing for university should include a basic first aid kit as well as some useful extras

Posted by Jo O'Donovan   |   22 Sep

Back to University First Aid Kit

Students are now packing their bags and heading back to university, don’t forget to pack a first aid kit. We have a basic first aid kit that is perfect for a university room but you might want to add a few extras to keep you going throughout the term.

A one-person first aid kit is ideal and you can buy one here. Don’t forget to add some disinfectant wipes and some alcohol gel. If self-catered you could add some burn dressings, and a cold pack is perfect for bumps and bruises. Pop some paracetamol in your first aid kit and you’re ready to go!

Our 2 hour online first aid course is great if you have had no first aid training, it can be completed in your own time and you even get a print-out certificate at the end.


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