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The danger of DIY

First Aid for DIY related injuries

Posted by Jo O'Donovan   |   24 Nov

The danger of DIY

First Aid for DIY related injuries

COVID has increased the number of people who are attempting their own DIY house renovations and inevitably the number of injuries has increased. As a keen renovator myself, I recently started decorating a room in my house. I’ve been following very helpful Youtube videos on stripping wallpaper, painting and every other task that seems to crop up. Despite taking loads of precautions, wearing a mask and gloves I have had a number of (thankfully small) DIY related injuries. I’ve cut myself; I got dust in my eye and sprained my wrist – it’s a dangerous business! Fortunately, I have a handy first aid kit and am equipped with first aid knowledge but thought that I would give a few helpful hints for all you DIYers:


Remember, whenever you approach a casualty, you should go through the primary survey. For information on DRABC click here.

Power tool injury

Once you have completed DRABC you need to treat the bleeding by following this procedure.

Sit or lay the casualty down

Examine the bleeding type and source. You should then know the right position to apply pressure. Look out for foreign objects in the wound such as metal glass or wood.

Pressure should be applied to the point of bleeding continuously for 10 minutes. If there is a foreign object in the wound you may need to apply pressure either side of the wound.

Dress the wound with a sterile dressing. If you can apply a dressing immediately and apply pressure over the dressing please do so.

Don’t forget to wear gloves when dealing with open wounds


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